Thursday, October 18, 2012

When in the Dark DO WHAT IS RIGHT

     When in the Darkness do what is right......wake up, look up and stand up.....My fight against emaotional eating.

How many of us fall into the abuse cycle of emotional eating?....Eating for comfort, companionship, love, and acceptance.   Hello, My name is Karen and I am a FOOD A HOLIC...confessing my sin of abusing food rather than using it as fuel for my.body.  In the seasons of darkness I find myself using food as a brief vacation from the stresses of the moment.  A bliss on the lips but a beast to the hips....and then some. 

As a diabetic with gluten/dairy/soy intolerance, there are certain guidelines for me to follow to have a healthy body and yes it effects my mind and spirit.  But when I find myself dealing  loss of a child, in the midst of a betrayal, neglect and divorce,  seasons of loneliness, parenting challenging teenagers and adjusting to changes in life circumstances...things I allow to rob me of joy...I reach for a bandaid solution....FOOD...THE WRONG FOODS...emotioal of why not Eat again....with more wrong choices.

Been there done that...many times...but this time the wake up call is medical emergency, no big celebration to plan for...but more importantly...God's revelation how much my food choices, my poor food choices, gave me a heart like Saul, ugly and sinning....satisfying the flesh.  Rather then a heart like David God pleasing,....and I seek a HEART LIKE HIS!!!

I would like to thank a DR Oz program that started my change a few days before the revelation.  The episode regarding artificial sweeteners......I stopped using them that day including splenda for they seem to increase my desire for eating...unhealthy eating.  I now only use natural sweeteners including stevia, fruit juice and molasses thus far and minimally. 

I returned to tracking my eating on SPARKPEOPLE.COM....following a diet that works for ME....and tracking my insulin and blood glucose levels closely.

I continue to read my bible and study which reveals more and more.  Spent time on my knees crying out to God for Forgiveness.all of a sudden the hunger was no longer a speed bump  ...I was content and satisfied and more energetic.

I have started walking and doing some strength training.

I am confessing publicly for accountability and re-dedicating myself to blogging my and insights I find inspirational in hopes others may.

Pray to God to protect me from temptations and outside influences.

I am EXPECTING myself to do what is matter the circumstance.... packing my meals everywhere...and saying no thank you as needed....

Dear Lord....Thank you for your grace and mercy and the opportunity to cleanse my heart and put the past sins on the cross with Jesus and leave them there...Thank you for the clean heart and soul.  I realize it took me years to shape my physical being...and surrender to your ways for ME to reshape my physical self to be all that I can be to be  the wife, mom, woman you have called me to be.
Thank you


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