Friday, March 25, 2011

Awareness, Consideration and Responsibility

I made a mistake today and didn't do my homework before heading to lunch.  But I made the wisest choices that were presented to me.  Below is the letter I forwarded to the Chipotle headquarters.  The food was delicious, I will return.  I just want the manager to take responsible action informing her staff "SAFE FOR ALL" food handling.

Dear Chipotle,

I am gluten and casein(dairy) intolerant and am thrilled to know there is a restaurant I can safely go to lunch with my co workers.  I made the best decision I could in what to eat without having had time to do homework and read your menu online first.
I know to stay away from the flour tortillas, the cheese and the sour cream.  I asked if there was sour cream in the guacamole...thank goodness no.  But seeing how the food was handled I avoided the corn tortillas and was uncomfortable about the guacamole added and paid for, that inspired me to call and speak with the manager about 1:10pm.
I asked politely "if I had wished for corn tortillas could I request them to be sandwiched between foil before pressed."...First response from manager, but the flour and the corn tortillas are cooked in the same factory.  I reminded her if "she handled them right in her preparation and I had a bout of IBS..then I would bring it up with the factory which probably cleans its machinery between uses.  For now can I ask you to use foil for my protection in your process."  She said "yes...but that I would have to explain it (possibly several times to the person preparing it."....- My thought would be who ever handles that end of the line should be aware of the question and how to react...and accept...not difficult and why should I have to explain my personal reasons.
Second thing I brought to her attention was the risk of cheese falling into the guacamole.  After my guacamole had been served a new bin heaped with cheese was set next to the guacamole and the attendant picked a handful...dragging it across the guacamole (yes several slivers fell into the guacamole) as she filled someone’s dish.  Well I am taking the risk and eating my meal and will deal with a reaction if I have one...however the managers retort was "I recommend that people with food intolerance don't come in during high traffic times and not to order things close to things they are allergic to"....
If the food was handle properly in the first place (not such an overfilled bin of cheese....movement of the hands) I would feel totally safe anytime.
That manager got defensive and accusatory that it is my fault or the factories fault.  Not taking responsibility for her store or employees.
All I ask, awareness and consideration.
Please pass this along

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  1. For future visits...I did some homework...called and talked to the Manager again...politely asked how the chips are prepared....THEY ARE SAFE...the only thing that hits the fryer are the corn tortillas (most restaurants share their fryers with too many wheat options)...yea...chips and guacamole great combination. Manager recognized who I was and with a smile on her voice said "awesome" after I stated "I will be back and thank you"