Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Power of the Pen - originally posted 3-31-2011

Yesterday, after church, my family and I went out to lunch.  And my experience there gave me the inspiration to start this blog.  To share and review my experience the good and the bad.  Power to the pen and to share it with my friends.  I will in detail tell more about yesterday...but first I wish to applaud a few places who have helped me learn to speak up directly to truly enjoy eating out with food intolerance.

Chevy's in Clackamas Promenade was my first dining-out experience after  understanding my needs to go gluten and casein free.  I was fortunate to have a waiter whose own young son is allergic to wheat....He was very knowledgeable and got his manager involved. With a print out of GFCF and other allergy conflicts, we were able to create a perfect and safe meal.  I was then able to enjoy the conversations with my children and not focus on my food...very comfortable and trusting environment.  And they were well rewarded for their attention to my needs.  I also learned how to question seasoned meats...and anything fried is a no no since only one fryer in most restaurants...share with wheat products

A few weeks later while at Red Robin(Cascade Station), I knew it would be a challenge to eat safely...but again the waiter along with an involved manager helped me make informed choices.  My meal was not center of attention. Plain, simple and direct.  Thank you.

Catedral Tapatia on 164th Ave, Vancouver, WA. ...Mexican food as I have learned is easy to work around when you know what questions to ask and what items to eliminate.  Fajitas with Corn tortillas no cheese no sour cream...and asking the waitress to note no dairy or wheat for the cook.  She was dumbfounded and didn't make a notation and proceeded to question is the bacon and is the pico de gallo okay. After she turned in our order I requested to speak to the manager to make sure proper attention to my food prep was taken.  10 min passed before he spoke to me.  I again stated my food intolerance to him so he could make sure his cook staff was aware.  Finally food came to the table. My plate of beans loaded with cheese on top.  Asked the waitress to correct it.  She then retorted that the fajitas come with cheese on them...too...and I reminder her I asked her to have the cook leave it off.  As the rest of my family was eating...she came back to inform me that my meal is being recooked (they had added cheese anyway)... by the time my meal was served...everyone else was finished eating.  Family of 6 ready leave and me just beginning to eat.  What would you do?  I ate the shrimp as it was fresh and packed up the rest to go home.  The manager came over to apologize and said he applied a discount (would you consider 5% a discount).  In my opinion...I paid for their mistake Twice and they only paid 1/2....HMMMMMM.  I was not in charge of the tip but I was informed by my boyfriend who was just as irritated by the lack of attentiveness that the tip was minimal.  I will not return to that restaurant anytime soon...and would advise others to avoid or expect similar outcomes.

I love my family and my family time...and apologize that I was not able to focus on the conversations of the Pastors wonderful message, that my order took center stage.  I love you all for being my extra set of eyes and ears in all situations and thank you for supporting my choices and the extra time that is taken to detail for my health and comfort.

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  1. I want to thank Chevy's for their acknowledgment of a recent letter I sent to thank them for their attentiveness. Nice to know the staff will be verbally rewarded.