Tuesday, May 10, 2011


How many of us put on slippers to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?  Not me.

I know as a diabetic to always protect my feet...do I always follow that rule?  NO.

But now I will.

The afternoon of April 7, 2011 started the wake up call.  I started to feel chilled and could sense the hardening of my flesh on my right calf and of course it was starting to turn red.  Cellulitis(strep bacterial infection of the flesh.....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cellulitis  ).  I have had this a few times before and recognized the signs.  Good thing I had a DR appointment the next morning to address and get antibiotics.  HOWEVER, the infection spread like a wild fire through my leg by the time I left work...so upon the suggestion of my Dad and DR...I headed right to the ER for IV antibiotics....A puncture wound caused by stepping on the handle of a disposable razor(carelessly left on the bathroom floor by one of three daughters, hence I need to wear slippers even on that quick middle of the night trip to the potty), was on the ball of my right foot.  I was admitted and treated and well taken care of in the hospital through April 11....and sent home on oral antibiotics 3times a day. 

But they were not strong enough..

On Thursday April 14, I returned to work with leg elevated under my desk....but the infection rage onward.  That evening...highly concerned with the increased swelling in my calf, I headed right back to the ER.  Upon taking of my shoe we found a goose egg sized blister on the ball of my foot that needed stronger antibiotics and surgery heal.  Thankfully the infections hadn't spread to my bones, if so my foot might not be here.  Infections...yes...INFECTIONS...the Doctors cultured the drainage from my foot and discovered Staph bacteria...I was fighting two different infections.  After two surgical procedures and several days of IV antibiotics I was finally released on April 19 with a stronger dosing of oral antibiotics....with strick rules..NO WEIGHT ON FOOT. 

Yes that means bed and house bound for the better part of April and beginning of May.  

Thank you to the Friends and family who helped me thru the challenges of a make shift bed down stairs and life in a wheel chair.

Today is May 10, 2011 and I am back at work, light duty, short days, in a wheel chair...leg healing well...but the fright of losing a foot and the confinement to home and wheelchair....was enough to lead me to the store to buy slippers to wear at all times when my feet are not in shoes...even that middle of the night run to the potty.

God bless and Take care of you feet.......they are a keys to freedom

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